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Green Purchasing

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What we don’t buy is as important as what we buy. The County saves money by using surplus items ranging from office supplies to office furniture. We actively work to reduce the amount of surplus that ends up in the landfill. Items not picked up for use in County departments are either donated to nonprofits that work with the County to provide public services, or are sold by online auctions to the public for reuse.

The County has reused approximately 435 surplus items since July 2010, and has saved approximately $70,000 since July 2010 by using and re-using surplus. Surplus has always re-used County items; however statistics have only been kept since July 2010.

Since July 2010, Surplus has donated roughly 255 items to non-profit organizations.

If you are a non-profit organization affiliated with Sonoma County Services and are interested in surplus you may contact:

County of Sonoma Surplus

(707) 565-2139 Work